what brought you to science?

"digging dinosaurs"

edvard moser and may-britt moser, 2014 nobel prize in physiology or medicine

"i couldn"t understand why i should study"

hiroshi amano, 2014 nobel prize in physics

"i spent time taking apart television sets"

william e. moerner, 2014 nobel prize in chemistry

"i used to like to play snooker ..."

michael levitt, 2013 nobel prize in chemistry

most popular laureates


martin luther king jr.
peace prize 1964


albert einstein
physics prize 1921


marie curie
physics prize 1903


malala yousafzai
peace prize 2014


mother teresa
peace prize 1979

bary barish and konung carl xvi gustaf.

awarded for "the greatest benefit to mankind"

twelve laureates were awarded nobel prizes in 2017. see a short presentation of them here.

2017 nobel laureates

information for the press

future of food to be discussed during nobel prize dialogue in tokyo

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press images
martin luther king, jr. delivering his acceptance speech

remembering martin luther king jr.

martin luther king jr. was awarded the 1964 nobel peace prize for his nonviolent campaign against racism. "he is the first person in the western world to have shown us that a struggle can be waged without violence", said the chairman of the nobel committee in his presentation speech.

presentation of the 1964 nobel peace prize
martin luther king jr. receiving his nobel peace prize

"i have the great honour ..."

watch martin luther king jr. receive his nobel medal and diploma in oslo, norway, on 10 december 1964. aged 35, he was then the youngest nobel peace prize laureate ever.

watch the video
martin luther king jr

for civil rights and social justice

martin luther king jr. dreamt that all inhabitants of the united states would be judged by their personal qualities and not by the colour of their skin. read or listen to his nobel lecture "the quest for peace and justice".

martin luther king jr."s nobel lecture
nobel laureates facts
may-britt moser receiving her nobel prize from his majesty king carl xvi gustaf of sweden. copyright ? nobel media ab 2014. photo: niklas elmehed

all nobel laureates

between 1901 and 2017, the nobel prizes and the prize in economic sciences were awarded 585 times to 923 people and organizations.

all nobel prizes

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  • pierre and marie curie

    nobel prize awarded organizations

    the nobel peace prize has been awarded 27 times to organizations.

    see the list of awarded organizations
    alice munro

    nobel prizes to women

    the nobel prize and prize in economic sciences have been awarded to women 49 times between 1901 and 2017.

    all nobel prize awarded women

    malala yousafzai

    youngest laureate

    youngest nobel laureate ever is malala yousafzai. she was 17 years old when she was awarded the nobel peace prize.

    all nobel laureates by age
    featured nobel laureates
    malala yousafzai

    malala yousafzai - girls" right to education in focus

    under the most dangerous circumstances, malala yousafzai has already fought for several years for the right of girls to education. she was awarded the 2014 peace prize.

    watch or read her nobel lecture
    rabindranath tagore

    rabindranath tagore - from unknown to famous

    fairly unknown in europe at the time, bengali poet and nobel laureate rabindranath tagore attracted western readers with his aura of mysticism.

    tagore and his india
    karl landsteiner

    karl landsteiner - discovered the abo blood groups

    human blood groups were discovered in 1901 by karl landsteiner, later awarded the nobel prize in physiology or medicine.

    more on karl landsteiner
    albert einstein

    albert einstein - not only the theory of relativity

    although famed for his theory of general relativity, it was his law about light that gave albert einstein the nobel prize in physics.

    questions and answers about albert einstein
    marie curie.

    a double dose of genius

    marie curie was a nobel laureate of many firsts: the first woman to be awarded a nobel prize, the first person to be awarded the prize twice and still the only person to receive the prize in two different scientific fields.

    watch a glimpse of her in this video
    frederick sanger video.

    twice a nobel laureate

    frederick sanger was awarded his first nobel prize in chemistry for determining the structure of proteins, in particular, insulin. in 1980, he was another a second prize.

    watch a video about frederick sanger
    bust of alfred nobel. ? nobel media ab. photo: pi frisk

    ? nobel media ab. photo: pi frisk

    alfred nobel established the nobel prizes

    on 27 november 1895, alfred nobel signed his third and last will at the swedish-norwegian club in paris. when it was opened and read after his death, the will caused a lot of controversy both in sweden and internationally, as alfred nobel had left much of his wealth for the establishment of a prize.

    learn more about alfred nobel
    nobel center, summer view. ? david chipperfield architects

    ? david chipperfield architects

    nobel center - a new public building

    nobel center is to be built on blasieholmen, on a wonderful site along stockholm"s central waterfront.

    read more about the nobel center

    educational games
    diabetic dog game

    save the dog

    help your dog to cope with diabetes.

    play the diabetic dog game
    blood typing game


    learn about human blood types and blood transfusions!

    play the blood typing game

    diabetic dog game

    a drooling game

    train a dog to drool on command! it"s all about conditioned learning.

    play the pavlov"s dog game
    laser challenge game

    all about laser

    collect a star and answer its laser question correctly.

    play the laser challenge game
    in memoriam
    john e. sulston

    sir john sulston 1942-2018

    pioneering genome scientist sir john sulston has passed away at the age of 75. he shared the 2002 nobel prize in physiology or medicine for discoveries which contributed to the understanding of how genes control cell division and cell death in organisms.

    more about the 2002 medicine prize


    richard e. taylor passes away

    richard e. taylor passed away on 22 february, age 88. he was awarded the nobel prize in physics 1990 for investigations that found clear signs that there exists an inner structure in the protons and neutrons of the atomic nucleus.

    biography of richard e. taylor
    more about the 1990 physics prize
    günter blobel

    günter blobel dies at 81

    medicine laureate and molecular biologist günter blobel passed away on 18 february. blobel discovered that newly made proteins in living cells are provided with an "address tag" in order to be directed to the right location in the body.

    autobiograhy of günter blobel
    1999 nobel prize in physiology or medicine

    hans g. dehmelt

    nicolaas bloembergen passes away

    nicolaas bloembergen shared the 1981 nobel prize in physics for the study of atomic systems using laser light. he passed away on 5 september at age 97.

    nicolaas bloembergen"s autobiography
    1981 nobel prize in physics